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Mobile Design

Mobile Design

10-15 days / from 850 USD / 10 Screens
The mobile application helps to attract new customers, retain old ones, allows you to automate business processes and increase the efficiency of your work.


Scheme of our work


Brief & Analytics

You fill out the brief and send it to me by mail. After analyzing the brief, I collect information about your users, study the industry you're in and analyze competitors to find the best ways to meet the challenges and develop the information structure of the project (wireframe).


Prototype & Concept

Seeking and carefully filtering viable ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd. Alongside I select references and collect content.

Afterwards, I create a prototype to understand how the project might look, then the prototype will be submitted for approval. After that, I develop the design of the concept of the first screen, sometimes I show animation in the concept to convey the idea.


UI Design

Visualization of all our decisions. I combine a considered user interface with a minimalistic design. This is an important point, as well as research. We need to keep the user's interest and desire to get back to your product.



I conduct my own internal testing, namely, I make sure that the reaction that the site causes from users is positive, I check all functional requirements and identify errors, if any.



I prepare the final results for the handoff, also I give you and your development team some recommendations.

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