A little bit about myself

Freelance digital designer. I work with wonderful people all over the world, getting them rid of old habits and stereotyped thinking.

I started my career as a freelancer. I have successfully developed in the field of digital design, in recent years I have worked full time in startups and companies as a Lead product designer & Art director.

And… I returned to a freelance life again. Now I create designs for personal websites, promo landing pages, user interfaces and 2D animation. I pay a lot of attention to the little things because I believe that beauty is in the details.


I am not an auditory learner, I’m a visual type of person, so I perceive information better in the form of text. After all, it is much easier to delve into a structured text, familiarize yourself, ask questions in written form and get answers, than to miss important points in a conversation, which anyway turn into text as a result...

Let's appreciate each other's time!


2020 — 2021  •  UX/UI Designer 

Has been developing high-load projects using Big data analysis technologies since 2016. Works in b2b, b2c, b2g segments.
Most of the products are NDA protected.

I have worked on the logic and design of a mobile game, on a multiservice telecom operator, on an application and its interface for radio stations, and on a brokerage site.


2020 — 2021  •  Product Designer

The international company engaged in the development of startups based in Singapore and London. I have worked on a Paudium product, also on websites and landing pages for internal startups.

Ongrid Systems

2018 — Present time  •  Art Director

The crypto company based in Moscow. They are blockchain enthusiasts focusing on Ethereum Dapps, Smart Contracts, ICO, token operations, e-commerce and off-chain integration, trading, and arbitrage.

My responsibilities included the design development of websites, landing pages, interfaces and applications of varying degrees of complexity. Art Direction of the Design Department.

Blue ant

2017 — 2018  •  Web Designer

Moscow web agency of the housing estates segment. My responsibilities included design development and support of the sites (new pages, banners, etc.)


2016 — 2017  •  UX/UI Designer

Moscow-based TV series streaming service. My responsibilities were to unify and improve the design on Android, iOS, Desktop, Smart & Apple TV platforms.

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