A little bit about myself

Freelance digital designer. I work with wonderful people all over the world, getting them rid of old habits and stereotyped thinking.

Multi-disciplinary designer with 10 years of experience with digital design (websites, responsive design, mobile apps, dashboards). I worked in such areas as Crypto, Real Estate, Hospitality Industry, Healthcare, Education, Marketplaces and Social Networks, etc.


I create designs for personal websites, promo landing pages, user interfaces and 2D animation. I pay a lot of attention to the little things because I believe that beauty is in the details. In recent years I have worked full time in startups and companies as a Lead product designer & Art director.

My work has been published on Muzli, Collect UI, ICT Solved, TOP Dribbble, Challenge Winner Uplabs.


2022 — 2023  •  Art Director

Took part and developed the visual concept of EtherLuxe for the Hackathon, where Definme was awarded for the Most Creative Use of Aragon OSx at the DAO Global Hackathon 2023 closing ceremony.

Developed a visual interface of the Scaley-Valley project (a game-focused multi-chain marketplace) for ETHGlobal online hackathon, where we reached the final.

In July 2023, we became a part of the Aragon's DAO expert family.
Since December 2022, Definme has been a part of the Crypto Oasis community, the leading ecosystem focused on blockchain technology.

My team and I developed the Definme branding, website and social media styling. Several projects under the NDA for the development of NFT platforms, systems and dapps were created both independently and in collaboration with other companies.

Ongrid Systems

2018 — 2023  •  Art Director

Led and mentored a team of 5 designers of different directions. Designed a crypto fundraising web app for a number of clients.
Developed website UI/UX and corporate identity for Ongrid.

Our project "Transacta" (a Unified Cross-ZK NFT bridge and relayer metadata) got Polybase Pool prize at the Scaling Ethereum Hackathon 2023.

A few projects I've worked on:
MUST — Asset tokenization protocol MVP in logistics and insurance industry
VERA — Decentralized Recruitment Platform
Token Offering Platform — TokenSale platform for Company's own Ethereum ERC-20 token
OnBridge — User interface of OnBridge NFT cross-chain gateway


2014 — Present time  •  Digital Designer

Developed MVPs for a dozen young startups who then raised fundings.
Created interactive prototypes of proposed solutions to visualize the final product before its development. Managed the work of remote teams.
Performed animation of all types of digital products: websites, applications and illustrations.

I was engaged in:
All stages of developing a visual identity for the company (logo design, web design, publication design).
The design and support of interaction and visual systems for solving problems.

I'm familiar with HTML and CSS for better and clearer communication with developers.


2020 — 2021  •  UX/UI Designer 

I have worked on the logic and design of a mobile game, on a multiservice telecom operator, on an application and its interface for radio stations, and on a brokerage site.

Works in b2b, b2c, b2g segments.
Most of the products are NDA protected.


2020 — 2021  •  Product Designer

The international company engaged in the development of startups based in Singapore and London. I have worked on a Paudium product, also on websites and landing pages for internal startups.

Blue ant

2017 — 2018  •  Senior UX/UI Designer

Moscow web agency of the housing estates segment. My responsibilities digital design, redesign, support of the created sites (banners, icons, illustrations, individual pages). Among clients such companies as: L’Oreal, IKEA Russia, SMINEX, KR Properties and many others.


2016 — 2017  •  Web & Product designer

Moscow-based TV series streaming service. My responsibilities were to unify and improve the design on Android, iOS, Desktop, Smart & Apple TV platforms.

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